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New Flying Car 2011

4:16 AM

Terrafugia has managed to create a prototype vehicle capable of operating the air as far as 724 km. And when the street car can be driven overland to 185 km / hour. Finally, have successfully created a car flying in the latest year 2011.

Transition Roadable Aircraft equipped with wings that can fold automatically within 30 seconds, similar to the time required to open and close the convertible roof.
When the wing is bent, the car will run normally like other four-wheeled vehicle and remain fit if parked in a normal car garage.

"All that in order to make these vehicles are flexible enough to fly to various places," said Terrafugia.

If interested, he says flying cars can be ordered now by paying an advance of $ 10,000 (approximately Rp94 million). But the price would not say how much of this flying car. (UKy)
Many are asking when the car is in. .. Indonesia, even if entry .., meaning that the traffic police should also be ready for the air .., but if the traffic cop can not afford to buy ..,
Here are some photos of the flying car is very sophisticated.

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First Aid Create Computer Virus Infected

3:23 AM
Virus on our computer is something that is very frustrating, our first thoughts - surely all data - data that is in the computer, especially if it until we have to "reinstall windows" we certainly grumbling going crazy and not frivolous. But ... ... Do not panic in advance if you are attacked by computer viruses, do not hurry - hurry or recklessly to make "format" and to "reinstall or Reinstall Windows". Because in some cases the virus one of them as "Conficker", this does not solve the problem because when the computer dihubungankan with the network computer will be infected again.

Use System Restore
These are tips that most easily done but is quite powerful if you want the computer running well as its original state before infected by the virus. System Restore is a feature inherent and relied on Windows XP or in Windows Vista which by default is enabled when the OS / Operating System (XP / Vista) was first on Install.
By using System Restore you can create a Restore Point (automatically generated on a regular basis), meaning that when the system started "acting up" is not fair either because the virus as well as any installed programs or drivers, then we can restore the configuration of Windows, such as before the system started "acting up". For example you install new applications and cause OS problems or frequent crashes. Instead of a headache, use and call it a Restore Point when the program is not installed. So, all registry settings and other Windows configuration will return as usual.

Restore Point can be applied if you know roughly when it infects a computer virus, or in cases when you do not run a virus file. But there are conditions, ie, System Restore is not disabled by the user or a virus. Because some viruses such as Conficker disable System Restore during the attack the victim computer.
But ... .. if the virus has entered into a Restore Point then the virus is actually protected by System Restore is a result, despite being repeatedly - repeatedly cleaned using anti-virus, the virus remains firmly lodged in the files - files Restore Point and the virus will come back again rise from the Restore Point. But it also has a solution ... the solution is every time the virus cleaning done, then the first - first in doing is to disable System Restore is done so that the virus was not protected by System Restore. After that do the steps - the steps below to restore the original condition (Restore Point):

1. Click [Start] ==> [All Programs] ==> [accessoris] ==> [System Tools] ==> [System Restore]

2. This will bring up three options on the system restore wizard screen. Namely:
a. Restore my computer to an Earlier time. (Use this to restore the system at any given time).
b. Create a restore point (use it to create a restore point at this time).
c. Undo my restore points (use this to cancel the restore points are done).
In this option the first pick [Restore my computer to an Earlier time].

3. In the next stage, you will be faced with a calendar. Choose a time when when the computer is still stable or not infected with a virus, then click [Next].

4. In the next wizard window confirmation screen appears. then click [Next].

5. System Restore will start working by restarting your computer. at this time you will wait a little longer about 10-20 minutes (depending on your hardware) to restore Windows Restore Point.

Unfortunately in some cases, the virus tries to turn off System Restore, so this feature becomes useless. so use this feature only if the virus has not turn off this feature.

Cleaning Manual.
If system restore fails to restore the computer system, you can still do other ways of "Cleaning Manual". Before you perform the manual cleanup first - all the do is save your important data and close all running programs. If necessary, Back up your data to other storage media like USB Flash Disks, External HDD, CD, etc.. To prevent things - things that are not desirable in the data - your data. After that do the steps - the steps below:

1. Run the antivirus program on your computer to perform Up Date on antivirus in order to prevent the possibility of viral infection - a new virus. If necessary, download a free tool Norman Malware Center (to download click here).

2. Disconnect your Internet connection immediately and disconnect also the Local Network Connection (LAN) you guys to prevent a virus infection to a local network or reinfection from the network or the Internet. Follow these steps to disconnect the network and the Internet:
a. click [Start] ==> [Control Panel] ==> [Network and Internet Connection] ==> [Network Connection].
b. In Network Connection, select Internet or network connection that exists, then right click and click [Disable].

3. Disable "System Restore" to optimize and simplify the cleaning of viruses on protection by the Restore Point and to prevent the virus re-infect the computer. Use this method to turn off "System Restore":
a. Right click on My Computer icon, then click [Properties].
b. In the System Properties window click / select the tab [System Restore].
c. On the tab [System Restore] check or mark is the choice [Turn off System Restore on all drivers].
d. Then click [Apply] ==> [OK]

4. Perform Virus Scan. Let the full antivirus scan on your computer, if necessary to do well on a USB flash disk you. After the scanning process is complete, restart your computer. Alternatively do the scanning by using Removal Tools (if any).

5. Clean up temporary files from the possibility of viral entry, by:
a. Click [start] ==> [All Programs] ==> [accessoris] ==> [System Tools] ==> [Disk Cleanup].
b. Then in [Disk Cleanup], select the drive to be cleaned.
c. Let [Disk Cleanup] doing his job.
d. After that select is the temporary files that will be in the clear, then click [OK].
e. Let the process of cleanup work to complete.

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Hold Skype, Newest Dell XPS Laptop Prepare

12:46 PM

Dell has announced its latest XPS laptop family, in sizes 15 and 17 inch. Dell's latest XPS laptop was designed for individuals who love art, movies, photos and the value of entertainment experiences. This laptop is suitable for invidu who have daily life that dwell in the entertainment which they share with others, able to upload photos, watch streaming video or listen to your favorite band play in concert. Dell XPS laptop is equipped with Nvidia GeForce 3GB with Optimus 3DTV Nvidia GPU and software Play for playing 3D content. Dell's new XPS laptop model is also the first time have got the certificate from Skype with the webcam video streaming HD (high definition). The new Dell XPS laptop now comes directly from the Dell website, where the Dell XPS 15 inch sizes start at 529 pounds and size 17 inch for £ 100.

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3DS Nintendo will be equipped with Netflix movies and 3D Video

12:41 PM

During the Game Developers Conference took place, the hardware manufacturer and developer of video games Nintendo has announced in the near future will launch 3DS. The latest version of this Nintendo will get access to movies, television shows and trailers from Netflix and also will get a 3D video segment. All people who have the 3DS can subscribe Netflix streaming movies and television content. President of Nintendo America, Reggie Fils-Aime revealed that it will offer a large userbase distribution studio to promote their latest release in the format of 3D without glasses.

"One of the first 3D video segments which will be released on Nintendo 3DS is the trailer of the Green Lantern superhero movie that is designed to showcase the ability of 3D without special glasses,"said Reggie of Nintendo's official website. This is done also to promote the use of new technology. In addition to the movie trailer also includes music videos, movie trailers and comedy sketches and all approved by Nintendo. It also said that in the near future 3DS will get updates that will allow the twin camera 3D film.

Nintendo has also announced that they have entered into a partnership with communications giant AT & T. This cooperation aims to create more than 10,000 Wi-Fi hotspots across the United States. Nintendo 3DS Users will use the new hotspots automatically and will allow the device to download a quick demo of video content. Nintendo 3DS is still circulating in Japan and will be launched in North America and in Europe before the end of March.

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50 Free Applications for Windows

12:38 PM
1.Advanced SystemCare Free

Helps protect, repair, clean, and optimize your PC.

Owner: IObit

2.Wise Free Registry Cleaner

Help speed up your PC by deleting your registry.

Owner: WiseCleaner


Helps optimize your system by cleaning your system. Clean browser history, trash files, temporary files and log files.

Owner: Piriform Ltd..

4.Adobe Reader 9.1

Adobe Reader provides facilities

Open all PDF documents.
View, search, verify, and mengkolaborasi print Adobe PDF files.

Owner: Adobe Systems Incorporated


PDF-XChange has features such as:

Add comments and annotations
Adding Custom Stamps
Mark-up pages with text and objects
Type directly on any PDF page
Extract text from a PDF page and Few more.

Owner: Tracker Software Products (Canada) Ltd.

6.AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition

Protects from viruses and spyware

Compatible with Windows XP or higher
Light weight and less overhead on the OS.

Owner: AVG Technologies

7.avast! Home Edition

Application of the simplest in terms of use.

Daily Automatic Updates
Continuous data protection against all types of malware and spyware
Available in 30 different languages.

Owner: ALWIL Software

8.Avira AntiVir Personal - FREE Antivirus

Provide basic protection for your computer from viruses, worms, trojans malicious

9.Avant Browser

Its main feature is online storage for bookmarks, RSS Feeds, password from the web, and others.

Owner: Avant Force

10.Open Office 3.0

Open Office, an open sourcer suitable for Windows.

Owner: CollabNet, Inc.., Sun, Sun Microsystems


This application allows you to share files with an account which you can use up to 2GB.



This popular application is VOIP based application that helps you to call and available free for download.

Owner: Skype Limited

13.Smart Defrag

Smart Defrag helps to mendefragmentasi your hard drive more efficiently.


14.Download Accelerator Plus

Mirroring Provides Speed ​​Boost to download from the fastest sources.
Available in 38 languages
Built-in integration to Tweet Twitter directly from DAP

Owner: SpeedBit Ltd.

15.Flash Player

Running a wide range of multimedia design with Flash.

Owner: Adobe Systems Incorporated

16.VLC Media Player

It supports Various audio and video formats the which include MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, DivX, mp3, ogg, etc.
Further, it is handy for use with DVDs, VCDs, and Various streaming protocols.


17.YouTube Downloader

YouTube Downloader is software That allows you to download videos from YouTube, Google Video, Yahoo Video, and many others
This lets you convert Them to other video formats for Ipod, Iphone, PSP, Cell Phone, Windows Media, Xvid and MP3.

Owner: Biennesoft

18.Irfan View

Fast directory view (moving through directory)
Batch conversion (with image processing)
Multipage TIF editing
File search
Email option
Multimedia player
Print options and many more.

Owner: Irfan skiljan

19.Notepad + +

It is a very good source code editor with support for programming languages ​​installments.
Very good search and replace option.
It has good Bookmarking and Multi-document support features.



Huge cans files be edited, up to the limits of 32-bit virtual memory.
Good search and replace files in huge files.
Warm Start feature lets you restart exactly WHERE you left off.

Owner: Helios Software Solutions

Web 21.Word

Provides Definitions, Synonyms and Usage for 150 000 root words.
Includes audio pronunciations
Light-weight to the system

Owner: WordWeb Software

22.Applian FLV Player 2.0

Play FLV Files on any PC
Zoom to 2x or full screen.
Includes free audio / video recorder & converter option.

Owner: Applian Technologies Inc..

23.Easeus Partition Manager 3.5

Resize / Move partitions without data loss
Extend the system partition Easily and safely
Create, Merge, Split, Delete and Format partitions
Support up to 2TB partition or hard drive

Owner: Chengdu YIWO Tech Development Co.., Ltd..

24.Free YouTube to MP3 Converter

Lets you convert the YouTube videos and download it as MP3 or Wav format.
Automatically Fills the title tag and the artwork in the downloaded mp3 files.

Owner: DVDVideoSoft Limited

Plus 25.Undelete

Restore accidentally deleted files
Image recovery from Compact Flash, SmartMedia, MultiMedia and Secure Digital cards.

Owner: Phoenix Technologies Ltd.

26.Video mp3 Extractor 1.8

Convert Video Files (AVI, ASF, WMV files) to mp3
Fast audio extraction algorithm
Easy to use interface.

Owner: GeoVid.

Designer 27.Diagram 1:22

Creating flowcharts, UML class diagrams, Illustrations and slide shows.
Import / export WMF, EMF, BMP, JPEG, PNG, MNG, ICO, GIF and PCX images.
Consists of a slide show viewer and Simple graph plotter to plot mathematical expressions.


Temp 28.Real

Reads the temperature information for all inter-Core processors.
Keep track of the minimum and the maximum temperature of the processor.
Provides calibration features for EACH core of your processor.



Free chat client with support for Msn, Yahoo, AIM Google Talk and other chat networks all at once.
Supports More Than 60 different languages.


30.VNC Viewer Free Edition 4.1

Easy the connect and use a remote computer screen.
Easy to install and use.
Supports loading and saving of. Vnc a file the which contains a set of connection options.

Owner: RealVNC Limited

31.Free Video to iPod and PSP Converter

Helps convert the full video or the part of the video to Apple iPod, Sony PSP, BlackBerry and mobile phones MP4 video format

Owner: DVDVideoSoft Limited


Helps the user connects to the P2P network and share the files They Want To Share.
Faster starup and less waiting time.
Better memory usage
Free download and usage for basic usage.

Owner: Lime Wire LLC


Completely free and open source.
Torrent Provides Faster speeds, I-Tunes compatibility, online chat rooms Friendly, easy navigation and many more.



Even though the VX plus the cost but the basic version is absolutely free. Features are as it consists

Audio CD ripping
Voice recording
Between Various file formats and conversion
Burying Audio CD.

Owner: JetAudio Inc..

35.Sql Tools

This tool is for 8/9i/10g Oracle PL / SQL development.
Provides good basic services editor
Easy to install and connects to Oracle server

Owner: Aleksey Kochetov

36.Tortoise SVN

Tortoise SVN is a Subversion client Such as having features

Atomic commits
Directory and file versioning,
Versioned Metadata
Consistent Data Handling
Reliable and quick tagging and branching and many more.


Zip 37.7

High Compression ratio
Compression ratio in the new 7z format is 30-50% Better Than ratio in ZIP format
Supports multiple formats Such as 7z, ZIP, CAB, RAR, ARJ, LZH, CHM, GZIP, BZIP2, Z, TAR, cpio, RPM and DEB formats

Owner: Igor Pavlov

38.The Gimp

The GIMP image editing is more difficult than Photoshop. The application is free to download.

Owner: The GIMP Team


iTunes is a free application that helps you play music and video.

Owner: Apple Inc.


JCreator is an IDE for Java Programmer.

Owner: Xinox Software


Eclipse is a software developer that supports a variety of computer languages ​​such as Java, C + +, Perl, PHP, and others.

Owner: The Eclipse Foundation


MySQL is an open application sourcer Relational DataBase Management System for free.

Owner: Sun Microsystems, Inc.


Cygwin is an application such as Linux to Windows. Provides a DLL that acts as a Linux API emulation, providing Linux API functionality.

Owner: Cygwin


This is free / open source http web server.
This provided server-side programming language support to authentication schemes.

Owner: Apache Software Foundation


Xampp is a comprehensive set of web development resources under a bundle.
That this is an integrated package consist of PHP, PHP myAdmin, MySQL RDBMS, Apache Web server, Filezilla Ftp Client and Few more.

Owner: Apache Friends


This is freeware That you download the full website into your local folders.
Arranges the files in the Same directory structure.
Further, lets you browse the pages with offline browser utility.

Owner: Xavier Roche & other contributors

47.AVS TV Box Free

AVS TV Box Beta is a FREE universal software TV viewer and comes along with Personal Video Recorder functionality (PVR).
PVR allows you to schedule TV Recordings.
It works with any windows video capture device like satellite, TV and DVB cards, MiniDV cameras, video capture cards and others.

Owner: Online Media Technologies Ltd.., UK

48.Mozilla Thunderbird

This is good alternative to Microsoft's Outlook. This is an email client to email and Usenet client.
Provides Such features as easy mail setup, attachment re-minder, One click Address Book and many more.

Owner: Mozilla

49.Free Guitar Tuner

Free guitar tuner provides a feature to adjust the acoustic and electric guitars.

Owner: GCH Guitar Academy


mTorrent is a client to download the torrent file.

Owner: BitTorrent, Inc..

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Handphone Android

12:34 PM

Android is a touchscreen smartphone operating systems such as IOS iPhone and the BlackBerry OS. Google's Mobile Android was developed and first appeared in 2007 with its first mobile phone G1 T-Mobile.

1. What's so special about Android?
Unlike Apple's OS, Research In Motion (RIM) or Windows Mobile Microsoft, Google released Android as an open-source operating system under the auspices of the Open Handset Alliance. Another thing Android is the OS that is very good, fast and powerful and has an intuitive user interface packed with choice and flexibility. Google continues to develop it.

2. Is Android phone called the "Droids"?
No. "Droid" is a brand owned by Verizon Wireless Android phones (Droid X, Eris Droid, Droid Incredible and so on). Evo HTC Sprint 4G is not a "Droid" but still an Android smartphone.

3. Why choose Android phone than the iPhone?
One reason is that Android is integrated with Google services like Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Contacts and Google Voice and perfect for anyone who uses Google services. Also of course there are some cheap and suitable android mobile phone with a bag of Indonesia.

One of the things of Android is the first time you turn it on Google asked to enter a user name and password and all messages Google, contacts and other info from synchronized to the handset without syncing to the desktop. In addition, Android is an open source where we are free to do anything about the application.

4. Weakness Android?
Concerning music and video Android do not have the official media to desktop syncing client. However, in general, Android gives you more choice about how to set up your phone and its contents.

5. What's different versions of Android, such as "Donut," "Cupcake" and "Froyo"?
Just like Apple IOS, Google Android keep updating with new features. The latest version of Android is 02.02 with the code name "Froyo" adding features direct USB withdrawal, mobile hotspot functionality and support for Flash. This means Flash video and Flash module that does not work on the iPhone will work on Android web browser. Version 1.6 is called "Donut" which add speed, increase the screen resolution and camera and recorder applications faster. Version 1.5 "cupcakes" to add a video recorder.

6. If there is Android 2.2 why trapped version 2.1 even 1.6?
One of Google's weakness is so much provide a version of Android. Manufacturers and operators can decide to upgrade their phones to the latest version of Android.

On the other hand, the iPhone has a few versions in which to launch a new version of IOS can be done at once and more easily.

7. How many applications available for Android?
About 70 thousand more and continues to increase every day. Google does not provide special treatment for their application.

8. How to choose an Android phone?
Android phones available with a wide variety of forms. Do you want a QWERTY phone or prefer the touchscreen? Looking for a big screen or that easily fit your pocket? Are your users e-mail and text messages or interested in watching movies and videos in big screen? All questions were answered by the current Android product.

9. Latest Android Phone?
There was HTC Evo 4G. Samsung will release Android phone Galaxy S-class: Thin and lightweight, 4-inch AMOLED screen super high contrast, and is available on all major U.S. operator. If looking for Android phones QWERTY slide-outs, consider Motorola Droid 2 Verizon or Samsung Epic 4. Android mobile phone prices also recently dropped dramatically.

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